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Building Bridges

Connecting Financial Advisors with Fundraising Organizations

With tax season behind us, now is the prime time to look at our marketing and engagement efforts with accounting, investment, and estate planning experts.

There are a variety of compelling reasons to include this key constituency group in our communications and outreach plans. Not only are they potential donors, both individually and as corporations but they are advising a client group representing the largest wealth transfer in history.

Informing and inspiring these professionals is an essential component of a thorough marketing strategy for all gift types but planned and major gifts in particular.

Here's a simple roadmap to start:

  1. Compile a list of local and regional specialists including licensed accountants, estate planners, and investment advisors.

  2. Cross reference this list with existing donors and/or volunteers for your organization including asking your board for input and advice.

  3. Engage those that surface in a conversation about expanding your network and connectivity. They could serve as an advisory council or work group for the purpose of building a deeper level of peer association.

  4. Develop a multifaceted plan to increase engagement across the spectrum of those identified.

This plan may include any of the following which could be integrated into the multi-year strategic plan.

  • Targeted marketing materials – establish a tailored communication strategy with existing and customized collaterals that have appeal and applicability.

  • One-on-one conversations – make every effort to meet personally and establish open lines of communication.

  • Group presentations – secure an invitation to present at firm-wide team meetings on a regular basis, becoming a philanthropy resource.

  • Feature presenters – invite industry experts to present as your partner at educational sessions for age-appropriate stakeholders.

  • Events and activities – utilize existing and curated engagement opportunities. Quarterly wine and cheese networking sessions are often well received by this demographic.

  • Continuing education – consider offering educational meetings with qualifying CE credits which all disciplines require.

Historically some advisors shied away from promoting philanthropy because it reduced the corpus of their managed portfolios, but Donor Advised Funds (DAF) have created new opportunities for collaboration and mutually beneficial outcomes. Advisors gain investment portfolios, donors benefit from tax deductions and often reduced capital gains, and charities receive the resulting contributions. It’s a win all around.

Now is the time to bridge the gap and build trusting partnerships with wealth advisors for the benefit of our organizations and most importantly, our donors.

Alliance Philanthropy’s philosophy is to inspire staff, volunteers, and board members for all types of not-for-profit organizations to raise funds enthusiastically and passionately - at maximum levels - in support of their mission.

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