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AI – A Philanthropy Revolution or Revolt?

Exploring the early stages of Artificial Intelligence and philanthropy.

AI is on the scene, in a flash. From all appearances, ChatGPT may become the most popular online resource of our generation. Or will it?

Already some are singing its praises while others feel the oncoming threat of generic messaging and robotic language. Professional fundraisers who now have a way to quickly draft auction descriptions, grant applications and other missives are being reminded of the importance of keeping correspondence personal and customized.

Being a curious human, I’m fascinated by it and by society’s reaction to it.

People once thought that calculators would lead to a generation who couldn’t do math. It may have but since calculators are readily available, does it matter? Word processors brought spellcheck and grammatical assistance to our fingertips, yet we constantly see typos, poor sentence structure, and errors. The human element cannot be undervalued regardless of the use of technology.

I asked ChatGPT about the intersection of philanthropy and AI. Here is the result – which took about 10 seconds to generate!

“AI technologies offer philanthropic organizations and foundations the ability to streamline processes, optimize resource allocation, and make data-driven decisions. Machine learning algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data, identifying patterns and trends to inform strategic giving. This empowers philanthropists to target their efforts more effectively, ensuring resources reach the areas and causes where they are needed most.

AI-powered tools enable philanthropists to personalize their giving experiences. By leveraging AI algorithms, donors can match their interests and values with charitable projects and organizations that align with their goals. This level of precision not only enhances the donor's satisfaction but also maximizes the impact of their contributions by addressing specific community needs.

AI's predictive analytics capabilities can help philanthropic organizations forecast social issues, identify potential crises, and plan interventions accordingly. Furthermore, AI algorithms can aid in monitoring and evaluating the impact of philanthropic initiatives in real-time, providing valuable insights into program effectiveness. This data-driven approach enables organizations to refine strategies, make informed decisions, and continuously improve the outcomes of their philanthropic efforts.

AI-powered platforms have facilitated the rise of crowdsourcing and collaborative philanthropy. Online platforms and social networks equipped with AI algorithms enable individuals from diverse backgrounds to connect, share resources, and collectively support causes they care about. This democratization of philanthropy promotes inclusivity, harnesses collective wisdom, and amplifies the impact of individual contributions.”

Wow – that’s incredible. When I asked for a list of tools, it offered Donor Data Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Chatbots and Virtual Assistants, Recommendation Engines, Social Media Analytics, Prospect Research, and Automated Fundraising Campaign Optimization. And I thought it was just good at writing auction descriptions.

At this point, I think I’ll just let ChatGPT conclude this blog since it is on a roll. Don’t worry, I’ll be back next month with some non-technology driven intel.

“The convergence of AI and philanthropy holds tremendous promise in shaping a more equitable and impactful world. By harnessing the power of AI, philanthropic organizations and individuals can unlock new possibilities, optimize their efforts, and create sustainable change. Embracing the potential of AI in philanthropy requires a collaborative approach, where technology, philanthropic leaders, and society work together to ensure its responsible and ethical implementation. As we navigate the future, let us leverage AI as a force for good, transforming philanthropy into a catalyst for positive transformation in our communities.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Alliance Philanthropy’s philosophy is to inspire staff, volunteers, and board members for all types of not-for-profit organizations to raise funds enthusiastically and passionately - at maximum levels - in support of their mission.

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